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Day 0 - Arriving in New Zealand


     This journal is constructed as one web page for each day of my journey, including the arrival day in Auckland, and the final two days, which I spent in Hobart.  I have tried to keep the picture images of a reasonable size for easy web page loading.  To see a much larger view of (practically) any image, just left-click on the photo.

     The trip started in Auckland, New Zealand.  My wife,  Cara Lynn, drove me to Phoenix (140 miles away) to catch a flight to Los Angeles and then it was on to Auckland.  The 24 hours spent in airports and airplanes was one of tedium punctuated by boredom.  That the airline ran six movies in a row throughout the night and that I was in a middle seat of the middle section, two rows from the screen, is another story for another time 

     Auckland reminded me a lot of Hawaii – lush and green.  But, the city wasn’t as big and crowded as Honolulu.  It was my first time seeing vehicles driving on the left.  At the end of my trip I arranged to rent a car, so this was something I tried to take careful note of.

Auckland airport. Downtown Auckland from hotel. Auckland street.
     I stayed in the Carlton Hotel, in the heart of downtown.  I arrived in the late morning, and spent the afternoon walking down the main street (Queen St.) to the harbor.  Along the way, I found a store where I picked up a great map of the Ross Sea – during the trip, it got a lot of use.

     In the evening there was a small “meet and greet” session for us in the lobby.  I met Rod and John, two of the expedition members and a few of the other passengers, including Mike Usher, from Wales.  [Although he is usually careful to say, “But, I’m English,” which implies some relational issues about which I am unclear.]  We had a couple of beers in the bar and, as their sports screen was tuned into a cricket match, he explained the rules to me.  It didn’t seem that complicated (as Americans are wont to think), although I can’t really imagine watching a match that lasts for five days!

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