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Day 6 - First Icebergs


     This journal is constructed as one web page for each day of my journey, including the arrival day in Auckland, and the final two days, which I spent in Hobart.  I have tried to keep the picture images of a reasonable size for easy web page loading.  To see a much larger view of (practically) any image, just left-click on the photo.

     Today we saw our first ice!  Everyone is quite excited and we dash from the bridge to the flying bridge to the bow to get pictures.  Our first bit of ice was spotted at 10 a.m.  By the early afternoon we had seen quite a lot, randomly strewn across the ocean.  But, by the early evening the ice was gone - we'll see more soon enough.  It is quite mesmerizing watching the ice from afar as we move steadily towards each other.  There is an illusion at work here - the ice always looks much larger when it is on the horizon than it does when we reach it.

Kapitan Khlebnikov.  First ice . . . and blue. Bigger berg.

Even bigger berg.  Dennis on the bow; ice behind. View from deck behind the bridge.
     We had another day of lectures and videos.  And, we did a helicopter safety session, since we will be using them in a few days.  We signed up into groups of 16 for the helicopter landings, so that we can rotate through who goes first.  I am in a group with David, Mike and Marian.  Jane talked about how we could rent time on the helicopters, when nothing else was going on.  Although we were excited by that prospect, it turned out that we were always busy, so nobody ever got a chance to do this.  Just as well, I suppose.

     Our progress is good - we seem to cover about 350 miles a day.  The weather has held up really well for us.  We had been expecting turbulent seas, but we are just cruising right along.  Tonight we will cross the Antarctic Circle.

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