King penguins

Farthest south!


Day 18 - The Last of the Ice


     This journal is constructed as a web page for each day of my journey, including the arrival day in Auckland, and the final two days, which I spent in Hobart.  These two days were rather uneventful, so they appear on the same page.  I have tried to keep the picture images of a reasonable size for easy web page loading.  To see a much larger view of (practically) any image, just left-click on the photo.

     It was a slow and lazy day.  We saw small bergs until the late afternoon, but no pack ice.  It has been foggy all day, so we have been content with lectures and films, and I haven't spent much time on the bridge.

     Last night, I did put on another motion sickness patch.  Perhaps too early for this, as the ocean continues to be calm and serene.  And, the consequence of the patch is that I have been lethargic all day, taking many naps!

     To recap our adventures to date, I compiled a list of places we visited by zodiac boat, and by helicopter:

By Zodiac:
Enderby Island
Campbell Island
Cape Adare
Inexpressible Islands
Terra Nova Station
Cape Hallett
Sabrina Islet
By Helicopter:
Dry Valleys
Cape Royds
Cape Evans
McMurdo/Scott Bases
Iceberg B-15
Ironside Glacier
Ice pack flyover

     In the evening, Mike and I tried to play a game of chess, but the rolling of the ship put an end to that.  We thought we had it figured out, by placing our pieces on the textured webbing on the bar tables, but a swell hit us and the pieces toppled over again.  So it goes.

Flock of birds. Birds and penguins. The bridge and ice.

Iceberg with hole.  Iceberg with hole - sepia tone. Iceberg with hole - black & white.

Day 19 - At Sea

     A night of heavy rolling has really kept us from sleeping well.  Based on the instrument in the lounge, we have been listing anywhere from 5 degrees to 20 degrees.  And, that has been, more or less, continuous all day.  So, we are confined to the interior of the ship (except for the middle of deck four).

     There is no more ice - only ocean.  The day is full of lectures and films.  Our resident artist, Liz, offered up a penguin drawing workshop in the afternoon.  I drew a couple and they turned out remarkably well, if I don't say so myself.

     Up on the bridge we are mostly looking for birds and just watching the ocean pass by.  Tomorrow, we will be at Macquarie Island, for our last visit before reaching Hobart.

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