Commentaries and Reports on the
Canyon Forest Village Proposal
1997 - 2000

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A Chronology of the Canyon Forest Village Proposal - 1996 to 2000

November 1999 - The CFV Decision:  A Shame and a Sham - Following the Regional Forester's decision in the CFV matter, I wrote a guest editorial for the Arizona Daily Sun (so, longer than a regular letter).  The folks in Williams liked it so much, they decided to run it in their (weekly) newspaper the following week.
January 2000 - Public Comment to the Board of Supervisors - Following the Regional Forester's decision, the county Planning & Zoning commission held public meets and voted to approve the zoning change, which was necessary in order for the Forest Service to transfer the land to CFV.  Then, the county Board of Supervisors held a week-long series of meetings to consider this matter.  I spoke to the board on the first day of public comments.
February 2000 - Letter to Board of Supervisors - Soon after the Board of Supervisors held their meetings on the CFV rezoning issue, I wrote a letter, with my colleague John Eastwood, to the Board.  At issue was how our report, written through NAU, was characterized by the CFV lawyer, as well as how we felt his representation of the economic analyses was flawed.