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[Saturday, August 21, 2021 I was back up on Mt. Elden (at about 9,000 feet at the high saddle), a couple of days after a big, flood-inducing, rain storm (Friday 8/19). As we have had a full day without rain, I thought that the trail would be dry, and so it was. But, I was surprised at how much of the trail was impacted, with much rutting, piled up debris and wash outs. Still, a beautiful morning and very few on the trail at 6:30 a.m., and the parking lot was only about 70% full when I finished up at 10 a.m. I took the time to get some better photos of some of the wildflowers that are now blooming.

The cliffrose blooms always attract my attention and they smell good. 🙂

Up on the high saddle, with the lookout tower another 10-15 minutes away. From here I can see to the peaks, which were shrouded in clouds. Rain was forecast for later in the day, but we didn't get anything in this area.


A portion of the trail with runoff debris covering it. The footing was generally good, but there were places where I had to be careful where I stepped.

Blooming skyrockets. Also the red penstemon (aka, firecracker) are out, but I couldn't get a good photo of them.

A portion along the "Fat Man Loop" that literally washed out. As many times as I have hiked this trail, I did miss a turn lower down and followed a rut for a little bit before realizing my mistake!

I don't know what this flower is and haven't been able to find it in my books nor on-line. They close up as the day warms up and I'm thinking that they are in the nightshade family. Very abundant along the trail right now.
Fleabane, maybe? It seems that these more closely match the tansyleaf aster.