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~    Jeffrey Friedman's "Capitalism without Romance" is a bit uneven.  But, his synopsis of why we had the financial crisis (the first half of his essay) is right on target.

~    John Stossel is one of my favorites.  He has a great comment on "The Idiocy of Energy  Independence" at RealClearPolitics.

~    Almost half of the graduating class at a small rural Utah high school were, concurrently, earning A.A. degrees.  A sign of academic excellence, or of "a shadow of a penumbra" of the devaluation of education?  The latter, blogs Jackalope Pursuivant, in his essay, "The value of an associates degree."

~    "Eat cows," writes Ben Shapiro, over at Town Hall, in his laugh out loud essay, "What I'm Doing To Stop Global Warming."~    Want to put a lot of things into perspective?  Read Peter Huber's excellent essay titled, "Germs and the City," posted up over at Town Hall.  It is long, but you'll never worry about global warming again!

~    "There was an awful inevitability to what happened to those two American soldiers.  Did anyone believe for one moment that they would be treated with respect according to the Geneva Convention?"  So starts Ralph Kinney Bennett's excellent piece, titled Routine Evil, at TCS Daily.  It sums up my view of this war on terror, and illustrates my frustration with those who will not oppose evil when we have the chance to do so.

~    A new conservative blog, authored by Ben Domenech, has been started up at the Washington Post's online operation, worthy of regular reading, called Red America.

~    "Most people who were liberals in 1968 still are. Liberals. In 1968." writes the always insightful Arnold Kling, over at TCS Daily (formerly, TechCentralStation).  His essay, "Stuck on 1968" speaks volumes on the observation that liberals just seem immune to logic, reason and facts.  I especially like his comment on "moral free riding."

~    "Liberalism is the philosophy of invincible ignorance," concludes PowerLine's John Hinderaker, in a long and excellent blog titled, "Gonzales Crushes Arguments Against NSA's International Surveillance."

~    The Democracy Project has posted up an editorial authored by Swift Boat veteran John O'Neill titled "Summer Soldiers."  Powerful stuff.

~    Ryan Sager, over at Tech Central Station, covers recent developments in the ongoing battle to extend free speech censorship to the web in an essay titled, "First Amendment, Cap in Hand."

~    Michelle Malkin has another great post on the Jimmy Massey "mess." Massey's claims of brutality in Iraq were taken on faith by many in the MSM, and he has featured prominently in the anti-war movement.  His "story" has been unraveling for some time now.

~    John Stossel is one of my favorites.  Read his post titled, "Why Don't People Trust the Market?"

~    NY Gov. Pataki has canned the bogus Freedom Center, planned as part of the WTC 9/11 memorial.  Our thanks for this goes to Debra Burlingame, sister of the pilot of the plane crashed into the Pentagon.  Read about her in "Westchester Housewife."

~    Why do we mistrust the mainstream media (MSM)?  As Zombie points out, it's because they distort reality in pursuit of their own agenda.

~    Terrorist attack ordinary people because we are the "sovereigns" in a democracy, writes Frederick Turner, over at TCS.  You'll learn more from him than from a dozen Cindy Sheehan rallies.

~    The Truth Laid Bear has posted up a contributed list of federal funding that bloggers recommend for cutting to fund the Katrina cleanup.  Look for a Kaibab Journal entry here soon.

~    Anal Philosopher Keith Burgess-Jackson always has interesting reading, including this tidbit on the fallacy of the phrase "tax giveaways."

~    Over at Michelle Malkin's blog is a post/photo on the Sierra Club's use of an SUV to cart around Arianna Huffington - that would be two pots calling the kettle black.

~    Five Days with Katrina - Alvaro Morales Villa's remarkable 197 photo slide show of before, during and after photos. [Be sure to check out the photo and caption for #182.]  9/27 Update - The url for this photo collection was changed and I have updated it.  To find the photo #182, you can select the filmstrip (below the highlighted image) and use your cursor to scroll down; #182 is near the end, just before the picture of NBC newsman Brian Williams, in yellow shirt, sitting in a chair.

~    Tom Jenney on the broken window fallacy circulating in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

~    Michelle Malkin on Al Franken's involvement in the Air America Scandal.

~    Over at TCS, Ben Leiberman has a great piece on how the effects of Katrina on energy prices have been worsened by policies that limit offshore drilling and regulations that stymie new refineries.

~    Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit is highlighting charitable organizations for Katrina relief efforts.

~    James Glassman, of TCS, writes that we can save more fuel by lowering MPG standards than we can by raising them!

~    Jack Kelly at JWR on spinning good news about body armor into bad news.

~    John, at Power Line, has an excellent (and substantive) piece on the "sins of the news media in reporting on Iraq..."

~    Michelle Malkin's keeps blowing doors open on the Air America Scandal.

~    Should there be 250 states in the US?  Read economist Arnold Kling's provocative essay on reducing the size of political entities.
~    Ann Coulter on Cindy Sheehan - "Commander in Grief." 

~    "Income is a series of events," is how Irving Fisher, America's first great economist, begins The Theory of Interest.  Read more at the Library of Economics and Liberty.

~    Catch some of the insights of Virginia Postrel, author of one of my favorite books, The Future and Its Enemies.
~     Tech Central Station always has interesting commentaries, like this one from Melana Zyla Vickers.

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