The Sounding Board Editorials

by Dennis Foster  

     Beginning in January of 2008, I participated as a public member of the Arizona Daily Sun's editorial board.  This was my third stint as a public member over the years.  This current version especially appealed to me as we had the open invitation to write on editorial topics for each Sunday's paper.  There were seven public members on the board (the publisher, Don Rowley, and the editor, Randy Wilson, were the others), so one might think that we'd use up the space.  But, usually only two, or three, of us would write each week.  I skipped a couple of opportunities over the first four weeks, but then decided that I should write every week thereafter, and so I did.  I don't know if future boards will be given the same leeway as we were, but it was an interesting exercise.  The board would meet every Wednesday and our commentaries were due on Friday by 12 noon.  Randy had us get pictures taken so that our columns would run next to our photo.  We were limited to the regular letter word count of 250 words.  Our columns were run with a shaded background, making them stand out, and were identified as "Editorial Board Soundings."
     As with my turn on the "virtual" board, I approached this opportunity with three objectives in mind - make them readable, take a libertarian stand whenever possible, and try to promote market alternatives when applicable.  I would like to think that I was reasonably successful.  There was some interesting web feedback to my editorials and even a couple of angry letters to the editor along the way.
     The essays are as they appeared in the Daily Sun, although I have taken this opportunity to add in some additional remarks as the case warrants.  The on-line versions, at the Daily Sun, are hyperlinked in these remarks.

SB 01 (January 27, 2008) - School size matters
SB 02 (February 3, 2008) - Why not auction off rights to parking?
SB 03 (February 17, 2008) - Keep government out of economic development
SB 04 (February 24, 2008) - Local government should serve, not compete
SB 05 (March 2, 2008) - Cars and Grand Canyon made for each other
SB 06 (March 9, 2008) - Privatize Pulliam Airport and let the free market work
SB 07 (March 16, 2008) - No magic wand will make schools safe
SB 08 (March 23, 2008) - Future Peace Worth the Sacrifices
SB 09 (March 30, 2008) - NAU building plan too late for stimulus
SB 10 (April 6, 2008) - Just say no to feeding the transit leviathan
SB 11 (April 13, 2008) - Candidates should be challenged on government entitlements
SB 12 (April 20, 2008 ) - Memo to uranium opponents: 'Mine' your own business
SB 13 (April 27, 2008) - Taxes, morality and ethics: Voting 'no' only choice left
SB 14 (May 4, 2008) - Put a price on 'natural quiet' air routes with auctions
SB 15 (May 11, 2008) - Want lower prices? Open affordable housing problem to market solutions
SB 16 (May 18, 2008) - Which character are we really trying to preserve?
SB 17 (May 25, 2008) - Closing words from a private-market provocateur