DC-3/C-47 - Served in WWII

The Prescott
Air Fair 2005

by Dennis Foster

Saturday, October 15, 2005

     The family packed up a picnic lunch, and an appetite for pancakes, and headed off for the annual airshow in Prescott (some 80+ miles from Flagstaff).  This event goes under the names of both the Arizona Skyfest 2005 and the Prescott Air Fair 2005.  We were impressed with the organization of the event - it was well-staffed and the parking arrangements were easy to understand!  We did have to wait for a very long time in the pancake line, and next time we will either arrive about an hour earlier or make other arrangements.
     Lots of people out for this event and lots to see and do.  I took a trip through the C130 -the "Desert Queen."  The plane and her crew are stationed in North Carolina and were friendly and talkative with the crowd of visitors shuffling their way up to the cockpit.  The B-17G is absolutely stunning.  What a sight to see it take off and fly around.  It is available for rides later in the day - maybe next year!  You can also take a ride on one of the trainers - the T-6 Texan, like the one Cara Lynn and I are standing next to in the photo to the right.
     We especially enjoyed the "Warbird Flyover" with the B-17, the DC-3, and quite a handful of trainers and fighters.  Quite the sight and experience.  The photo, below, shows some of the warbirds as they were flying behind Eric while we were in the spectator's area.
     We also enjoyed the aerobatics of Dr. D, Randy Harris, Sonny Weller and Rob Harrison.  We didn't get many photos of the last two (Harrison is one of the blog pics), but we did get some movies - now if I can just figure out how to edit, save and upload them to the web . . . Well, later.
     It did cloud up in the afternoon, but no threat of rain.  It was pleasantly warm in the sun, but a bit cool in the shade.  The event lasted until mid-afternoon, although most of the planes are around for the whole weekend.  Enjoy the photos below.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.

Dr. D's Old Time Aerobatics framed
by the propellers of the C-130.
The beautifully restored B-17G - "Sentimental Journey" The DC-3/C-47 Skytrain flew paratroopers over Normandy in WWII.

The F-4D Phantom II - the only one
privately owned & flown in the world.
The F-4D Phantom II does a slow
fly-by, with landing gear down.
The T-28 Trojan Trainer.

The warbirds - DC3 and trainers - fly over the crowd in Prescott. The last fighters built during WWII included this 18 cylinder Sea Fury. The trainers and fighters get started
up for the warbirds flyover.

The P-51D Mustang. The B-17G flies over. Flyby at the Prescott Air Fair.

Randy Harris and his Skybolt 300. Many planes were on display. Tail of the C-130.

Instrument panel of the C-130. The Canadair CL-215 Fire Tanker. Inside the Ford Tri-Motor.

All photos by Eric Dhooge and Dennis Foster.