I did my first, albeit brief, hike in the Grand Canyon in 1977.  I was hooked and managed to not only get in some backpacking trips while I was in graduate school, but also was able to do a lot over the five times I worked on either of the canyon's two rims.  Since 1990 I have lived in nearby Flagstaff and continue to pursue my passion of hiking in the canyon.  As of April 2017 I have recorded over 346 separate trips covering over 760 days, from day hikes to backpacking journeys lasting more than a week.  I started to wonder how many separate days of the year I had hiked.  It turns out that I have done a hike in the canyon on at least 272 calendar days, including leap day, leaving me 94 days short of the full calendar year.  I say "at least" because I have 42 hikes recorded for specific months but without specific dates - half are from my first two years of hiking the canyon, in 1979 and 1980.  Well, nothing is perfect, although I will continue to look over my materials to see if I can't pinpoint dates for those hikes.  Still, I thought it would be interesting to post up one photo from each hike I have done for each day of the year, as best I can.  But, I'll also note the non-hiking days here in case I am able to add to this photo blog over time.  This home page has links below to each month, along with some representative photos for that month.  The monthly pages are in chronological order.  At the bottom of each monthly page are links to any month.

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